Bombaykala Books

Bombaykala Books is a publishing house that Kabeer Khurana, Tanay Punjabi, and I started in June 2017, with the aim of changing the way that stories are told. At Bombaykala Books, I am the publisher and the editor responsible for both nonfiction and academic publishing. I also commission poetry and prose.

Bombaykala Books has featured in Mid-Day, India Today, LBB Mumbai, and Radio 104.8 Ishq. It featured prominently along with me on my citation for India Today’s 42nd Anniversary Issue list of 42 post-liberalisation entrepreneurs, “The DIY Generation.”

Some of the books that Bombaykala Books has published are:

  • A Bombay In My Beat, by Mrinalini Harchandrai: A book of jazz poetry that captures the soundtrack of the city.
  • Saving Maya, by Kiran Manral: Wry and endearingly earnest, Saving Maya is a heartwarming novel about the beauty of second chances.
  • Tomorrow It Will All Run Backwards, by Michael Brett: Modern war poetry that lays bare the horrors of war.
  • A City of Sungazers, by Queenie Sukhadia: The winner of Sidney Cox Memorial Prize at Dartmouth College, this novel explores Bombay through the eyes of two families, the Parekhs and the Patels.
  • When Home Is An Idea, by Rochelle D’Silva: This collection of poems talks about poet Rochelle D’Silva’s struggles with identity and belonging.
  • Ek Chotisi Dibiya, by Vishakha Sharma: This book of Hindi poetry draws the reader into a utopian yet real world of love, desire, loss and hope.